Online Bulk Reduce PDF Files upto 300KB

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are ubiquitous in the digital world, known for their ability to preserve formatting across various platforms. However, their often large file sizes can be a hindrance, leading to the need for effective PDF compression. Compressing PDFs helps in reducing their size, making them easier to manage, store, and share. Upload your PDF to our free compression tool to compress PDF to 300KB for optimal print quality and size. Just upload up to 5 PDF files at a time, and our web tool will handle the rest.

0 being the lowest size as well as quality, and 10 being the highest compressed size and quality.


Target size does NOT guarantee that the resulting PDF will be of that size.


Optimize your PDF documents effortlessly using our "Compress PDF to 300 KB" online tool. Crafted to enhance upload speeds, maximize storage efficiency, and facilitate smooth file sharing, our sophisticated compression algorithm adeptly harmonizes the diminution of file size with the preservation of clarity. Effortlessly diminish your PDF file size to a mere 300 KB, maintaining a high standard of quality. Upon completion, you have the convenience of either downloading your refined PDF or accessing it directly online. our PDF compressor is completely free to use, and it can compress up to 5 PDF files larger than 300KB at once. Give it a try now and see the difference it can make for your PDF files!

How to use

  1. Upload Your PDF: Drag and drop your PDF 1 to 5 into the tool.
  2. Set Compression Preferences: Choose your desired compression level, balancing between quality and file size.
  3. Click on Compress the File
  4. Download the Compressed PDF: Once compressed, download the file to your device.

Why Compress PDFs to 300KB?

  • Storage Space Conservation: Reducing the size of PDF files frees up valuable storage space on devices and cloud storage solutions.
  • Faster File Sharing: Smaller PDFs can be shared more quickly over email or other file-sharing platforms, especially in environments with bandwidth constraints.
  • Improved Website Performance: For websites, smaller PDFs mean faster loading times, enhancing user experience.


How can I reduce a 300 MB PDF?

  • Use PDF optimization tools that offer lossless compression techniques.
  • Remove unnecessary high-resolution images or downscale them.
  • Utilize PDF size reducer tools available online.

How do I make a PDF smaller?

  • Opt for PDF compression website
  • Remove unnecessary high-resolution images or downscale them.
  • Utilize PDF size reducer tools available online.

How do I compress a PDF to 300kb online?

  • Choose an online PDF compressor.
  • Upload your PDF and specify your desired size limit.
  • Download the compressed file, checking that it's around 300kb.