Online Image Reducer upto 110KB or smaller in 2024

Compress images (JPEG, PNG) to 110KB or less with our easy-to-use online tool. compress image size without sacrificing quality, and download your optimized images for free.. 20 images at once.

Privacy: Files are NEVER sent to the server, and all processing is handled via your own browser. The image or any image related data is never stored.

Are you tired of struggling with large image files that slow down your website's load time and eat up valuable storage space? If so, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll walk you through the simple yet essential process of compressing your images to 110KB or smaller. We'll use easy-to-understand language, avoid complex jargon, and sprinkle in some analogies to make the process crystal clear. Plus, our image compressor is completely free to use. Give it a try now and see the difference it can make for your images!

How to use

  • Drag and drop, or choose 1 to 20 JPEG, PNG images at once.
  • Click on "Compress to 110KB or smaller", wait for sometime, and you will see all your compressed images below the form. You can now either download them one by one, or download all of them at once in a ZIP file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which image format is best for compression?

JPEG is a popular format for image compression, as it can achieve significant file size Compress to 110KB or smaller while maintaining good quality. However, the choice of format depends on the specific needs of your images.

Can I compress images without any technical skills?

Yes, many online tools and software make image compression accessible to users without technical expertise. We've outlined a step-by-step guide in this article to help you get started.

How can image compression benefit my website's SEO?

Image compression can benefit your website's SEO by improving loading times, which is a known ranking factor for search engines. Faster websites provide a better user experience, and search engines reward sites that prioritize user satisfaction.